Strategic communication

Successful communication with the public is based on the initial investigation and strategic communication planning. To ensure your goals are reached as efficiently as possible, we will help you understand which are your target audiences and establish what are their interests, what communication channels they use, and which words and activities will be most appealing to them. We will provide you with the most appropriate communication and marketing solutions.

We offer a complete range of communication services starting from the situation study, communication and marketing strategy, working plans, media relations and communication in social media to developing infographics and video materials, organising events, evaluating the efficiency of communication measures, etc.

Research and evaluation

Evaluation of the efficiency of communication measures is vital for planning the further communication activities. Thus, surveys of public opinion, market research, interpretation and analysis of study results is an integral part of our work. We will develop the study and evaluation methodology, supervise the research and analysis, and engage the most appropriate experts from Latvia and abroad.

Conferences, forums, public events

We will develop the content for your conference, forum, or workshop and provide for the logistics in cooperation with you or by engaging competent experts from Latvia and abroad. We also organise other public events, like award ceremonies, street activities, and discussions. Our experts can assist you in hosting these events and moderating the working groups.

Project management

We are professional project managers with experience in managing EU Structural Funds projects, European Commission grants and procurements, EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum grants, and other projects. Our offer includes everything starting from the project application and implementation to preparing project reports. We can help you to implement your project, including by leading the experts’ team, supervising financing, preparing financial and other reports, and drafting procurement documentation and contracts. Our services are available for both long- and short-term projects and for specific tasks within various contracts

Design thinking workshops

Each person can be a source of creative ideas; these ideas just need to be untied. Lead by our experienced experts, you, your colleagues, local inhabitants, and clients will be able to come up with new ideas for solutions for your organisation, municipality, or company, and provide ideas for exciting communication measures and activities for the municipal or organisational development plan. Efficiency of the design thinking method is based on the involvement of your direct target audience in brainstorming to give a better basis for the implementation of ideas.


Our theoretical and practical public relation training programmes and media training are provided by our best experts who have gained their knowledge and skills by working for public relations agencies and actively participating in the network and environment of public relations professionals in Latvia.

We organise courses all over Latvia on subjects like corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, social dialogue, public-private partnership, etc. To ensure this, we engage the most appropriate lecturers, invite participants, find the venue and provide for the handouts.

Since 2010, we have been registered with the Register of Education Institutions of the Republic of Latvia, which allows us to provide training programmes for adults.