Work with Youth Annual Prize 2012

Late in 2010, the Ministry of Education and Science initiated a prize ceremony “Work with Youth”, congratulating winners in various regions of Latvia.  The prize allows the ministry to recognise local governments, people who work with young people, as well as youth organisations for their investment in improving the quality of life for young Latvians.  Each winner received a diploma and a commemorative prize.  The prizes are awarded once every two years to nine candidates from three categories – local governments, youth organisations and associations that work with young people, and local government people who work with young people.

The ceremony was last held on December 13, 2012.  More than 90 people took part – youth issues specialists, leaders of youth organisations, local government representatives and other people from all over Latvia.  We ensured the content and technical aspects of the project, inviting participants, communicating with them, designing the prizes, preparing the scenario for the event, hiring a professional host and musicians for the event, and ensuring contacts with the mass media.