Work safety at companies – assistance for new entrepreneurs

Because of the importance of work safety at companies, the Latvian Confederation of Employers (LDDK) published materials to help new businesspeople.  “Accidents at work happen most often at small and medium enterprises,” says LDDK general director Līga Menģelsone.  “Managers there often lack the time and knowledge to focus sufficiently on work safety.  Our goal in producing these materials was to explain the application of the relevant normative acts and the related processes for SMEs at a time when new businesspeople are starting to ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their employees.”

The handbook has been very popular among businesspeople, because it contains a wealth of information about work safety, the relevant regulations in 17 sectors of business, possible risks in the work environment, and ways of identifying and preventing those risks.  The handbook is accompanied with a CD.

Comperio wrote the handbook in close co-operation with specialists from the Welfare Ministry and its various institutions.  Experts from company DDV also took part.  Each year between 2009 and 2012 we published it in 12,000 copies and distributed it throughout Latvia.  The print material was available to all businesspeople at the premises of the Latvian Company Register, State Employment Agency, State Revenue Service, the State Labour Inspectorate, their regional ranches, business incubators, or the regional branches of the Latvian Confederation of Employers.  The handbook can be found here.

The handbook was published under the framework of the European Social Fund co-financed project “Practical Application of Normative Acts Related to Work Relations and Safety at Work in Sectors and at Companies.”