The public participation project Latvia 2030: Your Choice

The public participation project “Latvia 2030: Your Choice” was implemented to find out what people in Latvia think about the country’s future.  This was done in support of an expert group chaired by Professor Roberts Ķīlis and charged with drafting Latvia’s sustainable development strategy (LIAS).  The aim was to sketch out developmental guidelines for the country until 2030.

People were asked about what kind of Latvia they wish to live in and what recommendations they might have about how to shape such a Latvia.  This happened at 10 regional forums, at expert discussions and on the internet.

The aim was to ensure that at least 1% of the people of Latvia (around 25,000 people) would be actively involved in the preparation of the LIAS.  We are proud that our involvement allowed us to exceed that goal substantially – some 150,000 people took part in forums, submitted suggestions by e-mail or on the internet, commented on dilemmas and developmental scenarios, and searched for information about the topic.  Topics related to the “Latvia 2030: Your Choice” were mentioned in more than 500 publications, including 57 in national periodicals and 43 in regional periodicals.