In 2017, we together with SIA Safege Baltija and SIA Prospero implemented the order of the Society Integration Fund and developed “Strategy for public awareness and knowledge raising measures aimed at promoting antidiscrimination and diversity”.

Prior to drafting the strategy, we had to study the social attitudes towards the different, reasons behind these attitudes, and possibilities to change the public opinion. The research gathered and evaluated more than 100 researches carried out in Latvia and abroad on topics like discrimination, tolerance, and equality. We also performed a direct research and surveyed more than 1000 inhabitants of Latvia, discussed topical issues with representatives of groups at risk of discrimination, employers, and experts in 34 structured interviews, and looked at the best practices of international communication campaigns. The research results were presented in a report of 227 pages.

Based on the research, we prepared suggestions of how to act, whom to address and by what means to open possibilities where there are threats currently. All these suggestions and proposals were gathered in the awareness raising strategy and grouped by target audiences.

We hope that this strategy will serve as a source of inspiration to all who work with both groups subject to discrimination and society in general. The research behind the strategy revealed and proved that we should all be responsible for our own acts and deeds, because it is our individual attitudes and not the public policy that creates discriminatory situations and every one of us can improve the surrounding environment by our own behaviour.