Public relations in practice

Intensive training sessions that last for one, two or three days help to look at public relation issues, particularly in terms of their practical aspects.  Many activities are practical in nature.  There are also discussions, case studies and exchanges of experience among participants.

The activities focus on the communications process, differences between PR and advertising, propaganda and marketing, planning of public relations campaigns, as well as the most common PR methods.  Particular attention is focused on media relations – rules of interviews, as well as differences between radio, television and the print media.  Participants learn about the structure and content of news releases, as well as the basic rules for organising press conferences.  Other courses focus on presentation skills, appearing before an audience, as well as analysis of individual or group presentations.  There is also a look at the importance of reputation in the context of public relations – how it emerges, and why it is necessary to shape a reputation for any institution, organisation or company.

Comperio experts have conducted public relations training for local government employees in Kuldīga, Jelgava, Liepāja, Dundaga, Aknīste and Talsi, people from the Kurzeme Region Lifelong Education Centre, participants in the mentoring programme of the Līdere businesswomen’s association, people who administer EU funds in Latvia, differently abled people, as well as representatives of non-governmental organisations from Moldova.