In this conference, experts of the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs presented a scientific research with results of a deep analysis of the labour market policy measures taken in Latvia, and an expert opinion on the key challenges for the future. The research analysed in detail the Latvian labour market policy and evaluated the impact of the measures, including training and supported employment, organised by the State Employment Agency on the possibilities to find a job and on the increase in work remuneration, as well as challenges related to regional mobility. Research results were discussed by two panels, involving experts from Latvia. Overall, 111 representatives of public institutions, NGOs, and scientific sector and others participated in the conference, while more than 200 people followed the conference online or watched it afterwards.

We provided for the conference moderator, live broadcast, simultaneous interpreting (Latvian / English) during the event, catering, online registration of participants before the conference and face-to-face registration during the conference, stand, and the technical supply for the conference (sounds, lights, presentation equipment, and others). After the conference, we prepared a video presenting information about the conference and the main aspects discussed.

Picture: Comperio archive