The goal of this campaign was to inform the society on the results of activities administered by the State Chancellery and to raise awareness about the impact of the financing provided by the European Social Fund on alleviating administrative burden, raising quality of public services, and strengthening public participation.

To present the results and best practices of ESF projects, we developed and introduced a communication strategy for ESF activities implemented by the State Chancellery.

The communication strategy provided for communication on social media (Twitter, and media relations (press releases, preparation of articles, initiation of interviews and broadcasts), as well as direct e-communication with the target audiences; in addition, we drafted information materials (like calendars, infographics) and organised an ESF project photo competition and several other events. The identified best practices were collected and presented in a caricature exhibition. To assess the campaign success and results, target audiences were surveyed: 75.2 % of respondents agreed that the provided information was very or rather topical, 72.6 % said that the information was useful, 66.4 % admitted that the information has become more interesting, and 69.9 % pointed out that the information has become easier to understand.

At the end of the project, the Director of the State Chancellery thanked us for long-term cooperation, support and active participation in informing the society on the results of ESF activities and projects.

Picture: caricature exhibition created during campaign