We are proud of a rich personal network and a network of cooperation partners built over the many years of cooperation with non-governmental organisations and entrepreneurs, as well as State and municipal institutions. This pool of resources allows us to find and attract the expert most appropriate for your project and needs. We will coordinate all experts to ensure whole team works like a Swiss watch.

Gunta Misāne, Chairwoman of the Board, consultant

After graduating from the University of Latvia with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in sociology, Gunta worked for several public bodies, like the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and European Integration Bureau where she was the head of the Information Department. This experience has provided her with rich knowledge in drafting and implementing policy documents and developing and evaluating socially important communication programmes.

Gunta specialises in drafting research-based communication strategies and development documents, evaluating the efficiency of communication measures and policy documents, moderating discussions, focus groups, and working groups and preparing the relevant summaries, and organising surveys on public opinion, administering projects and managing project team.

Gunta is a member of the Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals and represents the association Business Union of Latvia in the EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Working Group.

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Inese Novada (ex. Bērs), Member of the Board, consultant

Inese graduated from the University of Latvia with a Bachelor’s degree in political science. Having worked for a number of public relations agencies and managed some of them, she has gained more than 20 years of experience in corporate and public relations, team management, and implementing and evaluating projects and communication campaigns.

Inese specialises in background study for drafting communication strategies and development documents, organising and moderating conferences, seminars and other events, managing clients’ projects, organising surveys of various scale, analysing data, and leading discussions, focus groups and various trainings.

Inese is the Member of the Council of the entrepreneurs’ organisation Business Union of Latvia. She has been the Member of Board of the female entrepreneurs’ organisation The Leader, and president of the sport organisation Latvian Women’s Golf Club. Inese was also the mentor to the first eco beauty salon in Riga “Verdant Eco SPA”.

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