“Humour rather than pity can help more” says newly-made strategy for facilitation of antidiscrimination and diversity in the society

In the beginning of 2017 by the request of Society Integration Fund of Latvia a comprehensive study was implemented by our company in co-operation with the companies Safege Baltija, Ltd and Prospero, Ltd that resulted into elaborated “Strategy facilitating understanding and awareness about antidiscrimination and diversity”.

Prior to writing a strategy, a comprehensive research was carried out to explore public attitude towards diversity, reasons behind it and options how to change these attitudes. More than 100 previously concluded researches, studies on tolerance, discrimination and equality in Latvia and elsewhere were analysed. More than 1000 respondents were asked detailed questions in a direct public opinion pool, 34 direct interviews with the representatives of the target groups, employers and experts were conducted to discuss current issues, problems and find out preferred information channels and communication methods. Best praxis of award winning public campaigns were analysed. The results of the research can be find in the comprehensive 277 pages report (available only in Latvian). Read more