Communication training for Moldovan NGO’s

As part of capacity building plan elaborated during inception phase of the Moldova Dialogue project (full name – Promoting Broad Society Participation and Facilitating Policy Dialogue), the project team participated in several events at the end of September, 2011 aimed at explaining and comparing public policy process in Moldova, Romania and Latvia. Three training sessions to NGO’s on how to communicate with their target audiences was conducted by Comperio experts.

At the end of September three training sessions for NGO representatives on how to communicate effectively with the target audiences were held in Moldovan cities Chisinau and Kahul. The training was provided by Comperio experts Inese Bers and Gunta Misane.

The aim of the trainings was to introduce public relations methods that are effective for reaching wider audiences in order of explaining the point of views of the organisation, therefore building support in the society to the cases of the organisation. Examples from the experience of Latvian and Moldovan NGO’s were compared and discussed. More than 50 NGO representatives took part in the training.

Pictures from the training sessions:


The Moldova Dialogue project (full title “Promoting broad society participation and facilitating policy dialogue”) is financed by the „Democracy support programme in Moldova” – a joint programme between the Council of Europe and the European Union. Goals of the Moldova Dialogue project are to facilitate broad society participation in legislative process and decision making. The project focuses on participatory mechanisms of NGO’s in decision making process and ways of improving access to it. The project is implemented by Latvian company “Corporate & Public Management Group” in cooperation with Saeima – Parliament of Republic of Latvia, State Chancellery of the Republic of Latvia, NGO LAPAS – Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation, NGO Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.

Inception report on Project: Findings, Recommendations and Approach for Implementation Phase Activities Chisinau, June, 2011 is available on the project website