Comperio experts participate in the development of the handbook for volunteer work

The association “Movement for Democratic Thought” in cooperation with the proficient team of authors has developed a handbook “Organisation of Volunteer Work in the Municipality.” It was funded by the Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department. The handbook is a result of a group of contributors – one of them Comperio expert Gunta Misāne.
This handbook is meant for any employee of the local authorities, and it is particularly useful for those municipal employees who work with young people, provide social services to the citizens and are organising educational, sport and cultural activities in the municipality, as well as teachers.
Although the handbook is mainly meant for employees of the local authorities, we do hope that it will be useful also for representatives of any other organisation planning to involve volunteers to the work of the organisation and wanting to get prepared for this activity.
The handbook contains a general overview on what is voluntary work illustrating it with practical examples from the world and the Latvian experience, explains why people engage in volunteer work, why it would be useful for the municipality or any other organisation to attract volunteers. It describes the importance of volunteering in particular by promoting social inclusion, as well as provides insight into the volunteering situation in Latvia.
To facilitate implementation of volunteer programs in the municipality, the handbook provides practical advice on the legal basis for voluntary work in the municipalities; explains terms of attracting volunteers, their preparation for work, describes responsibilities, which could be entrusted to a volunteer, management of volunteer work in a municipality as well as evaluation of the volunteer work.
In conclusion a number of ways to raise funds for organisation of volunteer work in the municipality are identified, as well as guidance for where to obtain more information about volunteering is provided.
The handbook “Organisation of Volunteer Work in the Municipality” can be found on the website of the association “Movement for Democratic Thought”.