Strategic public relations

Our company’s employees have years of experience in terms of public communications about socially important issues, and this has provided them with extensive knowledge about the provision of public relations services in the state and non-governmental organisations sectors. We’ll help you to ensure that your project, idea or social issue to which you wish to attract attention will be noticed.

We offer a full range of PR services – development of communications strategies, media relations, communications in the environment of the social media, preparation of infographics and informational materials, as well as organisation of events.

Research and evaluation

A very important part of our work relates to public opinion research, market research, as well as interpretation and analysis of research results. We will evaluate whether your campaign or project has been implemented effectively and, based on the evaluation results, we will suggest best strategy for future.  Comperio experts will prepare the methodology for the research, implement it or find those who will conduct the research, and ensure oversight and analysis of the relevant study.

Conferences, forums, public events

One of our areas of activities is organising conferences and business forums. We will work with you in attracting competent experts from Latvia and abroad, develop the content of the conference and ensure all of the necessary logistics so that you can save time and resources.

We also organise other public events that are of a larger or smaller scope – awards ceremonies, street activities and discussions.


Since 2010, we have been listed on the Educational Institution Register, which allows us to organise adult education programmes.

Our work in the public relations agency and our active participation in the environment of Latvian PR experts involves the knowledge and skills of Comperio. These are the foundation for the theoretical and practical public relations training programmes and media training sessions that we offer.

We organise courses throughout Latvia on topics such as corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, social dialogue, public-private partnerships, etc. We have appropriate lectors; we invite participants for the courses, find the venue for the activities, and ensure all of the materials that are to be distributed to participants.

Preparation of informational materials and handbooks

Safety at work, volunteer work at the local government level, social dialogue, a partnership between companies and scientists – those are only a few areas in which we have prepared informational materials. We write the texts ourselves, attract the best experts, and find proof-readers, designers and printing houses.


One of our company’s strategic areas of operations is based on the increased neighbourhood policy of the European Union, as well as on Latvia’s involvement in development cooperation policy. We offer partnerships and consultations to institutions, organisations and companies abroad, particularly in the CIS and the Balkans. We also work with governmental and non-governmental organisations in Latvia. Comperio has engaged in successful co-operation with governmental and non-governmental institutions in Moldova, NGOs in Ukraine, and companies in Brazil, Lithuania and Sweden.