COMPERIO: “To ascertain” (Latin)

Our company has modern ideas and a broad network of partnerships resulting from  Comperio founders Inese Bērs and Gunta Misāne nearly 20 years of experience in the field of public relations.  They have prepared and implemented effective communications programmes for public information campaigns not just in Latvia, but also elsewhere in Europe.  They have also run various projects that have been financed by the European Union and other donors.  Comperio is working in Latvia and in the international market since 2004.

A precise understanding of our target audience

Public relations involve more than just work with journalists and news releases.  If it is important for you to identify your target audience and to address it face to face or via social networks, then Comperio is the ideal partner for you.  We understand current changes in information consumption habits, and so we spend time in precisely addressing those people and organisations that are necessary in relation to your goals.  We always find the most appropriate partners and know how to present news so as to ensure that the message that is important for you will be noticed by the mass media.

Professional project directors

We are project directors with substantial experience and professional knowledge in the area of project management. We know what projects mean – deadlines, precisely prepared documents and reports, strict budgets and a visual identity. Don’t worry! We’ll take care of all of that for you!

Communications about nationally important social issues

A campaign in advance of the referendum on Latvia’s accession to the European Union, thus explaining benefits from membership, Latvia’s sustainable development strategy for 2030, facilitation of volunteer work among young people, establishment of a unified network of client service centres in Latvia, integration of differently abled people into society, and strengthening of social dialogue in Latvia – those are just a few of the processes in which we have been involved.

Our strengths

  • Involving and informing the public;
  • Developing the civil society;
  • Volunteer work;
  • Education and training;
  • Gender equality;
  • Social dialogue;
  • Integration of differently abled people into society;
  • Development of entrepreneurship;
  • Corporate social responsibility.
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